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   A Miniature Zebu is a bovine with a large hump.  To be classified "miniature" it must be 42 inches tall or less when measured just behind the hump.  

   All of our Miniature Zebu Cattle are registered with the International Miniature Zebu Association.  We take great pride in our twenty seven year breeding program and the successes that we have enjoyed. 

   It is our goal to develop the ideal Miniature Zebu in terms of conformation, size and color. We have shipped our cattle to 21 states and Canada and are happy to be involved in the growth of the miniature cattle industry. 

   Our original sire was Little Swede.  He was out of the two red colored Miniature Zebu imported from Sweden.  They were the first red Miniature Zebu in the United States. 

   There are many reasons that you will love to own these beautiful and hearty animals.  Visit the links on this site to learn some of those reasons.

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