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Miniature Zebu are a hearty, disease resistant strain of cattle. They are a breed that loves hot weather and will lay in full sun on the hottest days of the year. On windy or cold days they prefer to spend their time inside a shelter.   They are a very active and intelligent animal compared to other domestic cattle.  They will typically live to be 20 years old.  They are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world dating back to 6,000 BC. 

Their distinguishing characteristic is a well developed hump, especially on the mature bulls. They have the Brahman look except their ears are erect rather than pendulous. Both bulls and cows have horns of moderate size. In comparison to conventional breeds of cattle Miniature Zebu are slow to mature. They need an extra 6 or 12 months of age before they first breed. This is one of the reasons that they are relatively rare in the United States.  

Miniature cattle make wonderful pets and are ideal for the small acreage farmer. They need only about a third of the pasture and feed that regular cattle require enabling the owner to raise three times as many calves each year.

Miniature cattle are much easier on the land, fencing and equipment and are considerably safer for children (and adults) to be around. They are also easier and safer to confine for inspection and veterinarian care. Expensive heavy-duty equipment is not needed. Full grown Miniature Zebu weigh only 300 to 500 pounds and typically measure 32 to 40 inches in height measured immediately behind the hump.

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