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Mini cow small tiny little

DAB Kimberly Z-5765 DOB May 28, 2011

Small cow tiny little cattle
Small Tiny cow miniature

DAB Melissa Z-6191 DOB May 31, 2012

Small cattle cow tiny little

DAB Honey Bee Z-6196 DOB May 22, 2013

Tiny cow little mini miniature small

Chegs Ursula Z-6505 DOB May 14, 2014

small cow little miniature tiny

DAB Rosebud H3-6197 DOB May 28, 2013

little cow small tiny cattle mini

DAB Moon Glow H3-7677 DOB July 22, 2014

little cattle small cow tiny miniature

DAB Scarlett Z-7796 DOB June 2, 2017

small cow

DAB Ginny Z-8362 DOB May 12, 2018

small cow little tiny miniature

DAB Cocoa T-8799 DOB May 9, 2019

DAB Haley Z-7795 DOB June 8, 2017

small cow little cow miniature

DAB Roxie Z-8363 DOB May 27, 2018

small cow

DAB Clover T-8802 DOB August 18, 2019

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